A New Wrinkle in
Personalized Learning

Flashnotes.com recently surveyed 1,200 courses throughout the country to quantify the impact we’ve had on students currently using our peer-to-peer learning platform. The following statistics are a result of this survey.

Better Grades

87% of students who sold their notes on Flashnotes.com saw an improvement in their overall GPA after they started posting their notes for sale.

94% of the students said that they saw an improvement
in their grades as a result of purchasing study materials from Flashnotes.com.

Increasing Information Retention

72% of the students who sell their study material on Flashnotes.com said that they took more thorough notes in class because they planned on posting those notes for sale.

Money Students Need

63% of students who sell their study material on Flashnotes.com use the money they earned to cover every day expenses such as food and clothing and pay student loans.

Peer-to-Peer Learning
Professors Find Valuable

79% of students said they felt their professors regarded them more positively after they began selling their study material on Flashnotes.com.

“I definitely put more effort into creating my study guides now than I used to when I made them just for myself. I make a conscious effort to refine my products and finish them earlier to increase sales. This motivates me to study in advance, as I tend to be a huge procrastinator. Flashnotes.com is helping me work on that.”
“Flashnotes.com saves me time and helps me focus on studying the material, as opposed to trying to make the study guide.”
“With Flashnotes.com I could understand the material, which improved my performance in class discussions.”

What is Flashnotes.com?

Flashnotes.com is the student-to-student study materials marketplace. On Flashnotes.com, college students sell and buy course-specific study materials—study guides, notes, flashcards, video tutorials, and tutoring.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every college student with the two things they need most—more money and better grades.

Our Approach

Flashnotes.com Pays2Study™ approach empowers smart college students to make money from their own study material while helping other students study smarter to get better grades.