How to

Create great video.

How to Create a Video Tutorial

You don’t need fancy equipment to record a great Luvo video tutorial. You can use resources that are already at your disposal. For instance, you can record straight from the camera on your laptop, smart phone, or digital camera and use a nonlinear editing program like iMovie.

How to Set Up Your Video Composition

Basic composition and scene setting is important for creating great Luvo video tutorial.

Chose a location where you know you will have some peace and quiet. Having a roommate or friend interrupt your video will be distracting for your viewers. Create a centered, simple shot and double check the position of your recording device before you record your tutorial. Doing a test shot is sometimes helpful.

Abide by these best practices and you can be a video tutorial pro in no time.

How to Record Audio

Having good audio quality is important for creating your Luvo videos.

Whether you are recording audio from your computer or smart phone, some best practices for recording include choosing a quiet place, speaking directly in front of it and speaking at an audible and even pace.

How to Create Lighting for a
Video Tutorial

Having good lighting is important for creating a great Luvo video tutorial.

You can use resources already at your disposal like a desk lamp or bright window. Always make sure that you have enough light in your scene so that your viewers can see you and your presentation materials clearly.