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Secrets to Making (More) Money with Luvo

Making (more) money with Luvo

Bundle Your Content

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

So you’ve been taking great notes all semester. You’ve added your notes from each lecture to Luvo and now you’ve got that big test or quiz coming up. There’s no doubt your classmates are going to need your notes and some will buy them but you can get even more of your classmates to buy your notes by using our bundle creator!

Think of creating a bundle as a sale at your favorite store. It’s a way to incentivize your buyers to purchase more than just one of your items. So maybe you have 2 great sets of notes, plus an awesome flashcard deck.

All of these items have the following prices:

Note 1 ($5.00) + Note 2 ($4.00) + Flashcards ($6.00) = $15.00

If all of your buyers bought these items separately it would cost them $15.00. Maybe some people would just buy your notes and not the flashcards because they don’t want to spend the money while others might buy just your second set of notes and the flashcards. Why not get all of these people to buy EVERYTHING.

You use Bundle creator to select the items you want in your bundle and then set a price and provide a description for your bundle. Using the example above you could price this bundle at $9.00. In the description for your bundle you could include something like, “When you buy my notes I’ll throw in free Flashcards!” There’s nothing people love more than FREE!

Bundle Creator

The best part of bundle creator is that what you do with it is completely and totally up to you. Get creative in how you market your study material and you’ll be blown away with how much you get paid on Friday!

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Adding Variety to Your Content Types

People learn in different ways. Some people can read a few notes over from a lecture a few times and grab a quick A on the next exam. Others use flashcards to jam those critical terms and concepts into their brain through the use of repetition. While many people are auditory learners and just need to hear something a few times before they can grasp the information. This is why it’s critically important to your success with Luvo to create your study material in a number of formats. Doing so will only increase the potential number of buyers you have which means also increasing the amount of money you can make.

Let’s walk through all the different product types you can create with Luvo:

Some people are great at taking notes during a lecture while others find it incredibly frustrating and miss a large amount of information because they were more focused on writing than listening. If you’re a great note-taker putting up your notes on Luvo is a no brainer.

Note page


Study guides
There’s nothing that sells anything more than a sense of urgency. It’s why you spend so much more money at the grocery store when you’re hungry than when you’re not. Your body has an urgent need to stop feeling hungry. When it’s the night before a big exam everyone in your class is going to have an urgent need to figure out what they need to know to pass that exam. Study guides are by far the biggest seller on Luvo


There’s nothing like a good old fashion flashcard to help you study. Sometimes your brain needs to see something multiple times before it can retain that information and pull it out on demand later. Not only do you get to sell your flashcards on Luvo but once you create your flashcards here you can then use our handy online study tool to help you study your virtual cards. No more cutting pieces of paper or spending money on index cards for you or your buyers.

Flashcard study tool


The whole idea behind Luvo is that you can sit in lecture after lecture and listen to your professor but sometimes you just need someone to break down what your professor is saying into language you can understand. What better way to do exactly that than in a video? So maybe you break down a key concept you know will be the topic of your next test or quiz or maybe you spend sometime going over the concepts that are included in this week’s homework.

Video page


We’ve got an option for every type of learner, which means that we have a lot of opportunities for you to make serious cash this semester. So don’t stick to just one option broaden your horizons and increase the width of your wallet at the same time.